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Computer Science and Technology
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Computer science and technology major is the State-level First-class Professional and has been in the National Engineer of Excellence Talent Development Program. Moreover, it is one of the first batch of pilot colleges in “New Engineering” research and practice project - “Big data science and technology professional construction and new engineering talent training exploration and practice”. This major focuses on cultivating talented people of computer systems, big data, artificial intelligence and software technology. In the process of cultivation, this major emphasizes the students' abilities of autonomous learning, scientific and technological innovating, engineering practicing and personalized developing, and form the core professional ability to discover, analyze and solve complex scientific and engineering problems with computational thinking. Graduates can systematically master the basic principles, methods and technologies in the field of computer science and technology, as well as the basic methods in computer science and technology research. Graduates can have capabilities of entering the world-class university to pursue further education and gaining a competitive advantage in a wide range of market employment.